Klavierschule Schuberts

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Piano and keyboard lessons

Step-by-step I will introduce you to the right hand and body position and you will get a systematic overview of note reading, fingering and all symbols in the score. We work on improving your technique, rhythmic vitality, score-reading (also first-sight-reading), ear-training. You will learn about chord-types, keys, major and minor, different rhythms, how to hold the pulse/beat and other skills. Finally we work on phrasing, the use of pedal and emotional interpretation of music of different styles and epoques. I will try to challenge you to meet your personal best as well as have fun.

Your musical preferences concerning repertoire are incorporated into the lessons so that you may practice the music that truly inspires you. We may work on the classical repertoire of all epoques as well as on film music, musical, opera arrangements, folk songs, songs for children, church music, blues, evergreens, popsongs, ragtime, jazz, etc..

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